YouTube Services

YouTube, the world's biggest video sharing site, doesn't always strike small business owners and self-employed people as the first port of call when they're looking at getting on to social media. But it can really help you gain exposure online, because it's easier to rank highly on Google (ie. appear higher up on search results) with a YouTube video than just a normal website. YouTube is also full of useful research videos, and can provide a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty.

Why would I want that?

  • Watching what other businesses are doing.
  • Watching advice videos for your sector.
  • Find good video resources to embed onto your website and share with customers to increase loyalty.
  • Positioning your business as expert and creating advice videos for your customers, to build loyalty.  
  • Creating a public following from audiences you may not have been able to reach otherwise (as anyone can search for and find you and it's normally easier to rank high on Google with a YouTube video than just a normal website).
  • Giving your brand a facelift and creating a buzz around it.
  • Fully showcasing your products and demonstrating how they can be used - but it needs to be done carefully.
  • Large-scale viral marketing (if you can get it right).

Many people don’t have the time for this, that’s why the team over at takes care of it for you.

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